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  • The return to Thailand

    On Wednesday I am flying to Thailand for my next adventure. I plan to spend a few days in Bangkok catching up with a few friends and enjoying the madness of the city. I am then heading down to Koh Lanta for the next 6 months to do an apprenticeship at Time For Lime http://www.timeforlime.net/

    Time For Lime is a creative Thai cooking school in Koh Lanta, Thailand. I went there in 2011 at the start of my last trip. I loved every minute of my time there and I have been given a great opportunity to work there for 6 months, which I am very excited about!

    Whilst there I will be doing the following;

    • Participating and training in the cooking class

    • Training in the purchasing of fresh ingredients

    • Training in the restaurant kitchen

    If any of you want to come and visit then please do.

    I shall be updating the blog over the next few months while I am away, so keep an eye on the website for more updates and maybe some recipe ideas.




  • London

    So it has been a while since I last updated my travel blog, the main reason for not updating is that I have not been travelling.

    I quit my job in France (it wasn’t for me) and headed back to London to take up a short term job at King’s College in the office I used to work for before I left on my travels. The summer has been great, work has been busy, I have played lots of golf and spent a lot of time with friends and family.

    I have been back working in London for over 3 months now and the contract finishes on Friday 6th September. I would like to go back to Australia, but I am having visa issues, so for the time being I need a new job.

    I really don’t mind what sort of job I do, but ideally it would be in the travel or events industries and if an opportunity to work abroad come about then I would jump on it!




  • Je déménage en France ( I am moving to France)

    So after a 7 week hiatus back in England I am back on the road again. I have decided to go to France to work as a holiday rep for Eurocamp for the next 5 months.

    I have enjoyed the last few weeks being at home and catching up with friends and family especially my niece Ellie who is 4 now, she is growing up fast.

    I am flying to Biarritz on Monday and should be based near there. If any of you want to come and visit please do – it’s a bit closer to home than Australia!

    I will be updating the blog during the summer.

    That’s all for now





  • Phuket, Singapore and Home

    So I arrived at Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok at 7am on Tuesday 26th February not having any plans or where I wanted to go. I decided to get a taxi to Don Mueang airport which serves as a hub for Air Asia and other low cost airlines. I didn’t have a flight booked anywhere, so I decided to ask Air Asia and the other low cost airlines for their cheapest flights to all locations. I knew a couple of people in Phuket so I decided to fly there with Nok Air.

    Whilst I was in Chiang Mai I actually booked my flight back to the UK, so as this was the last part of my trip I thought it would be good to spend some time on the beach.

    I arrived in Phuket and headed to Patong and got myself a room in a hotel just off Bangla road. Patong is famous for it’s nightlife. In all fairness it’s fairly trashy. I spent a few days in Patong, bought a few souvenirs and spent a bit of time on the beach before heading to Rawai in southern Phuket.

    Rawai is a small village located in southern Phuket. I got myself a little bungalow for 600baht (£12) a night, which is a lot more expensive than northern Thailand. Rawai is very small so I hired myself a scooter for 200baht (£4) a day to get around.

    I spent my last few days in and around Rawai. Tasting food at all the local fish markets, sitting on the golden sandy beaches (as you can see from above), swimming in the sea and eating fabulous Thai food, a lovely way to end my 15 month trip.

    I had to fly down to Singapore before making the long journey home to collect my bag that I had left at Kirsten’s house. I flew to Singapore on Thursday 7th March and I spent the day in Singapore. I saw Kirsten in the evening and made my way to the airport.

    My flight was at 6.45 in the morning, so I checked my bags in at 3.45 and spent a few hours at the airport. I flew to Kuala Lumpar and had 3 hours to wait there before flying to London Heathrow at 10.45. I flew on an Airbus A380 with Malaysian Airlines and had a seat on the upper deck which was a lot nicer than all of the budget airlines I had been using on my trip.

    I took off in the 30C heat and blue skies of Asia and landed in grey, cold, rainy England at 17,00 on Friday 8th March, exactly 15 months away from home.

    I spent the night at a Heathrow airport hotel as I hadn’t slept for 40 hours before heading back to Essex to surprise everyone, they were all shocked.

    I’m now back in Tiptree at home and it’s cold, oh so very cold…

    I’m not too sure where the journey takes me next, but I will sure to keep you all posted.

    Thanks for reading




  • Chiang Mai

    On Thursday 21st February I took the 3 hour mini bus journey from Pai to Chiang Mai. The journey is only 192 km (119 Miles) but has 746 turns, not great for the nervy traveller, luckily I’m not one of those.

    I arrived in Chiang Mai and headed to North Star Guesthouse and met Sarie and Marloes my Dutch friends from Pai. I got myself my own room for the night , which was 250 Baht (£5) and went to explore the city.

    Chiang Mai is located in Northern Thailand and is very different from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. It’s also quite a bit cooler, so it attracts a lot of tourists from southern Thailand. I met my mate Scott from Bangkok and he quite often heads up to Chiang Mai for a few days, we went for lunch and he told me a few places to go to.

    In the evening Marloes, Sarie and I went to the night market. You can literally buy anything you can think of there, it’s brilliant. Unfortunately we encountered a large storm so decided to call it a night and make our way back to the guesthouse and plan the next few days.

    On the Friday we wanted to head to Huay Tung Tao lake, however our taxi driver ended dropping us up at the Chiang Mai Football Stadium. We decided to have a look inside, it was very modern. Even more randomly Marloes had a football with her, so we decided to have a kick around on the pitch, none of the staff seemed to mind.

    We eventually made it to the lake early afternoon and it was very picturesque. It wasn’t too busy and the only other people there were Thai’s which was nice. Late afternoon we headed to Tiger Kingdom. As you can see from the above picture it was an amazing experience. We got to see and have our pictures take with small two month old Tigers and the larger 2 and a half year olds. A lot of people may think that the Tigers are drugged, but I can assure you they are not. I have some videos of the larger ones play fighting, they were having a great time.

    The next day was very relaxing. We went to the night market, had some street food and then went for a massage. We ended up in a bar after that, because I wanted to watch the Rugby and Football. The girls headed home and I stayed in the bar. The bar was owned by Chris an Expat from the UK . I spent the rest of the night in the bar.

    On Sunday I headed over to the train station to try and book a train to Bangkok. I managed to get myself on a night train on Monday night and a bottom bunk, result! You can’t actually buy train tickets in Thailand over the internet, you used to be able to, but not anymore, that’s Thailand for you. After buying the ticket I headed for the Sunday market, which was similar to the night market in the fact you could buy anything you want. I bought a couple of bits and headed back to the guesthouse to say goodbye to the girls as they were getting the night bus to Bangkok. I spent the evening at Chris’ bar.

    Monday morning I headed into the City for breakfast and went back to the guesthouse to pack up my stuff - which takes longer every time as I end up buying stuff everywhere I go. I got on the train to Bangkok at 4pm and arrived at 7am, just the 17 hours on the train.

    To be continued….




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