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By jackallison1, Sep 9 2014 11:53AM

My Nan asked me the other day why I am going back to Thailand on not staying in the UK. The main reason for me is the laid back beach lifestyle that I get to enjoy living in Koh Lanta. Every day I get to swim in the crystal blue Andaman Sea, take a short trip to work and enjoy a beer or two with friends.

A few other reasons why I love Thailand;

The warm weather - I love the sun a lot and I’m not a fan of the cold, that why I haven’t had a proper winter since December 2011. Even though there’s a wet season in Thailand, I love the heat, and the fact that it’s always hot and humid in Thailand appeals to me. It’s never coat weather and I always wear a t-shirt and shorts. Occasionally I have to wear a hoodie in December or January when the temperature drops to 20C at night.

The beaches – Every day I try to go to the beach in Thailand. Just for a walk or to read a book or to listen to music. As you can see from the picture above of Klong Dao beach, the beaches in Loh Lanta are stunning.

Thai Food – I could never get tired of Thai food. Thai food in Thailand is leagues better than anywhere else in the world. There’s more variety and more flavours. Your mouth dances with flavour when you eat there. The food has kick to it too. All over the streets of Thailand, outdoor stalls serve up the cheapest and best Thai meals you can find. Mr Greens in Koh Lanta is a favourite of mine and it’s also where a lot of locals eat, the crispy pork with basil is to die for!

The nightlife – In Koh Lanta during high season (November – May) the nightlife is great. A different beach bar on the island has a big party night each offering something a bit different to all musical tastes. In Saladan (the town on the island) the market is thriving at night time with many stalls selling local crafts and clothes.

Tomorrow I am getting the Eurostar to Paris for the afternoon and then flying to Thailand from Charles De Gaulle tomorrow night. I have a couple of nights in Phuket before I get the ferry over to Koh Lanta on Saturday.

I will be updating the blog more often this year, so keep an eye out.

Thanks for reading


By jackallison1, Sep 8 2014 12:10PM

I arrived back in England after 7 months in Thailand on 3rd May this year and it was cold and grey, that is one thing I don’t miss about England – the weather! The last 4 months have flown by. I have mostly been working, playing golf and spending time with friends and family.

I am going back to Koh Lanta on Wednesday and I can’t wait, of course I will miss a few things from home.

Food – My mate mark who lives in Koh Lanta has asked me to take him over the following items; PG Tips, Coleman’s English Mustard, Marmite and Coriander Powder (for cocktails). I won’t bother taking anything for myself but I do miss a few things, one in particular is a good apple. We obviously get some amazing fruit in Thailand but we don’t get apples, random as it sounds I miss having an apple every day. What is that saying…?

Most Sundays in Thailand I usually eat Western food, something like a pizza or pasta.

Golf - I am going to miss playing golf, summer evenings are perfect when the sun is shining on the golf course. This summer was even better as I stuffed Mr Stephens 11-3 in the summer series, cheers for the San Miguel’s mate.

Family – Finally last but not least I am of course going to miss all the family, mostly my Niece and Nephew, Ellie and Ronnie (photo above). I will miss drinking a cider or two in the pub on a Sunday with Mum and Dad and the rest of the family and friends especially when the sun is shining. Drinking cider in the sun is great, we don’t really get cider in Thailand. When I last went to Thailand Ronnie was only 6 weeks old, he is now nearly a year and crawling everywhere. By the time I get back he will be walking. Ellie will be 6 next year, where has the time gone. ..

Until tomorrow…

By jackallison1, Sep 5 2014 12:27PM

I had never experienced a Songkran Festival in Thailand and it was very high on my list, I already can’t wait for next year!

The Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year's Day on 13th April. Luckily this year fell on a Sunday, which is our day off at Time for Lime.

The day started early (well early for a Sunday) when I went to pick Hege up from her house and head into town (Saladan) to buy essential supplies for the day. By essential supplies I actually mean water pistols, buckets and Hawaiian style shirts. On our drive in to town it was immediately clear that the whole island takes Songkran very seriously, we got soaked and I loved every minute of it.

Then the day really got going… We jumped in the back of the Time for Lime truck and drove up and down the island. As you can see from the above (Hege, Angelina and Nicki) it was mainly throwing water over people and having a few sensible drinks. Most bars along the road were celebrating and we ended up stopping at a couple for a few hours and partying the night away.

Songkran 2015 is already marked in the diary!

By jackallison1, Sep 4 2014 09:29AM

Koh Ngai, pronounced Koh Hai is a small island located around 90 minutes by boat south of Koh Lanta. Naomi (an old University friend) and I decided to take a trip there for a couple of nights in April. Daily boats travel to and from Koh Lanta all year round.

The island is very small with no motorised vehicles, so plenty of walking to explore the various white sandy beaches. Long tail boats with day trippers arrive about midday for 1 or 2 hours and then leave the island back to those that are staying for a few nights.

We stayed at a place called Koh Ngai seafood, which has 9/10 small bungalows costing 1000 baht (£20) a night. The rooms were basic but perfectly adequate and no more than 20 metres to the sea. More expensive resorts and hotels can be found on the island as well as camping at Koh Ngai Camping.

As you can see from the above picture the sea is beautiful and clear. Most of the day was spent relaxing on the beach and snorkelling and swimming in the crystal blue water. The restaurant at Koh Ngai Seafood served a mix of Thai and western food, although I never tried any western food. All of the Thai food I ate was excellent and well-priced for a remote island. Bottles of big Chang were only 100 baht too, which is cheaper than Lanta!

We had a great time on Koh Ngai and I would strongly recommend people to visit.

By jackallison1, Sep 3 2014 02:57PM

Koh Lanta Noi translated into English means Island Lanta Small or Small Lanta Island. Lanta Noi has no tourist facilities as such but is well worth a visit. You have to catch the ferry from Saladan Pier, there's a few circular roads, all well covered that will take you around the island to see the local way of life.

On Sunday’s we would take a pack of dogs from Lanta Animal Welfare along with some of our guests from Time for Lime and a picnic (Chang Beer) and spend the afternoon on Lanta Noi. As you can see from the picture above we had the beach to ourselves, a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The beach at Lanta Noi would quite often be hard to get to depending on the height of the tide. Surprisingly a lot of our dogs are scared of swimming, so they would have to be carried across small rivers to get to the beach which could be eventful!

All in all a lovely way to spend a day off relaxing on an isolated beach with a few beers...

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